Fleur is a young student at St Kilda Primary School

Fleur has Rett Syndrome, a complex and quite profound disability which means she cannot stand, walk, talk or use her hands. She relies on specialised equipment, like her wheelchair, to get around and participate in most of the activities other kids her age do. She uses alternative forms of communication – a PODD communication book and at home has an eye gaze computer which she is learning to use. She is a bright little girl who loves school (and her classmates love her) and we feel so fortunate to be part of a school that truly values diversity and fosters inclusiveness.

One of the pieces of specialised equipment that is important for her physical development is a standing frame. Fleur has a standing frame at home and one at school, and we aim to have her standing in the standing frame for around 15 minutes, 2-3 times each day. The standing frame not only aides her physical development, it also allows her to be at the same level as her peers when they are doing activities that involve standing or moving about the classroom, like telling news, or participating in performing arts or indoor PE. Fleur has outgrown her standing frame at school and requires a new one.

The Rotary Club of Melbourne South is running a series of BBQs in conjunction with the St Kilda Primary School Farmers Market (4th Saturday of each month) in October, November & December to help raise money for the standing frame. To date we have raised $400. Donate today and help us reach our target (estimated currently at $2000).