I visited South Melbourne Park Primary School, which is award winning for its architectural style.  The school incorporates the historic Albert Park Signal Depot and Drill Hall buildings and is located in the Albert Park Reserve.  The building retains many of the features that were part of the original building with examples of beautiful woodwork columns and fireplaces.  The additions are second to none. I was struck by the quiet working environment as I walked around with the acting principal, Matthew Vines.
I was invited back to work with 75 Year 2 students to discuss pollination, pollinators, parts of flowers and the critical need for pollination pathways.
Later we went out to the open space to fill pots with soil, strip cuttings and plant in small pots along with some seeds.  The students will look after these and also 40 tubes of plants that I collected from Bilis Nursery.  The students will be looking after the seedlings and cuttings until they are ready to be planted out, hopefully at the Towers.
It was a lot of fun with a sprinkling of chaos when we got to the planting stage.  However, a lot of fun was had.
I have been invited back to run a lunchtime garden club and am looking for a couple of green thumbs.  Mine are not!
When I was at the nursery, I collected a bag full of finger limes, which were delicious.  I took them to the school so the children could share them with the teachers.  The picture of the tree against the brick wall is the lime tree and is an attractive feature.  If you have space in your garden, I encourage you to plant one and reap the benefits in the years ahead.