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Warwick Lloyd, President Port Phillip Rotary
President's Message
Warwick Lloyd
At the halfway point of this calendar year, there is much to be appreciative of, both in what has been achieved and optimistic in the Club’s health going forward. In terms of appreciation, it is the contribution of the Board Members and Club Members in delivering individual projects such as the Cambodian Washroom upgrades, winning Grants, producing a realistic strategic plan, welcoming new Members, opening community connections and assembling a flow of interesting speakers.
Two Paul Harris medallions were awarded to very worthy recipients in Pam Dittmer and Dennis Tarrant.
We tested ourselves in supporting the Around the Bays cycling race and Five Minutes of Fame is back and a highly successful event. We’ve found a new community supporter in the Albert Park Yacht Club an excellent venue for functions.
The optimism is based on the healthy Member numbers of 26 active Members and growing. The merger of Rotary Melbourne South and Port Melbourne has seen some attrition yet forging a strong club with spirited ideas. Wendy Stirling has quietly been creating a wonderful education program.
We have money in the bank and look forward to delivering a successful Celtic Festival and a new event in a Cocktail Party with the Grand Prix Corporation and Blue Ribbon Foundation.
The Rotary International event will cap off a busy 6 months and we will host around 100 delegates in May at the Albert Park Yacht Club.
The design of the pull up banner
How exciting! Our new banner is on its way to the club and how useful it will be to highlight and promote the club to the broad community.
Many thanks to our very own Leo King who has kindly donated the cost of the banner to the club.
On October the 4th representative from the Port Phillip Men’s Shed, spoke at the club meeting. It was a very interesting talk given by Henry and Dermot. 
Following up on the discussions they thought that there might be a suitable opportunity for both Port Phillip Rotary and the Port Phillip Men's Shed to team up. As an extension of their gardening project, they wanted to commence beekeeping, working with other community groups and government agencies.  
Tinned and ready for the tools.
No more rust at the Men's Shed
Busy as a ...
They were keen to construct some beehives and locate the hives on rooftops of government buildings within the CoPP catchment area.  This would provide sustainable gardening practices and improve the biodiversity of the bee population within the community.
The honeybee population has suffered greatly in recent years.  This beekeeping project in turn would help to improve food security and strengthen community ties with the environment and local food production. Many crops benefit from bee pollination resulting in increased yield and better quality produce.

The plan was to begin with a Beekeeping Starter Kit, including two beehives, basic tools and safety equipment         Total =  $370

The starter kit, including
8-frame kit contains:
2 – 8 frame FD BOX
1 – 8 frame hive lid
1 – 8 frame hive base (weather board)
1 – hive tool
1 – Bee smoker to calm bees
16  – Full Depth frame flat pack
16 – Local made Wax Foundation
1 – protective bee Jacket
1 – sting resistant gloves
1- Bee Brush
1 – Hive lock with strapper
1- 250g Stainless Steel wire
1 – 40g Brass Eyelets
The board approved the donation and as a result, the hives have been set up with very good outcomes.  They have moved the colony out of the temporary box into the permanent hive and it is progressing well. 
Small but mighty!