The Gift Of Caring
Im Doug Hemingway, the retired Chair of Rotary Club Port Melbourne, which has amalgamated with Rotary Club South Melbourne, to become Rotary Club Port Phillip.
At our last meeting, Lucy Douglas, who has been an outstanding member of Rotary, proposed we do something about the growing suicide rate amongst locked down youths. My first thought was a donation to Beyond Blue or one of the larger corporations but we decided to go local and quickly.
Lucy got to work on the phone and found Kristy at the Crisis Centre in St Kilda. Kristy explained that they have several houses with teenage youths in lock down. Kristy told Lucy the easiest way to put a smile on their faces was through gift cards and the fact that a club such as Rotary wanted to reach out to let them know that we care.
Lucy reported to me, and I went to our board members and got permission to spend $2000. I then went to Coles and Australia Post and got $50 cards in Coles, Sports Girl, Amazon and JB HiFi for games, which are what they do in lock down.
The club meeting was Monday night and by Friday night there were lots of smiling faces, just where they were needed. Rotary makes change happen.