Costa, Garden Guru and the Melbourne Pollinators Corridor
The premise for Rotary Port Phillip to assist with a community Garden at Park Towers in South Melbourne was based on the positive impact it would have on the mental health of the residents who participated, and for all residents to be able to enjoy a tranquil and beautiful space. The residents want to be proud of where they live.
Rotary Port Phillip were approached by Star Health to be involved in the project. As often happens the idea expanded following a conversation with Environmental, Sustainability, Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) regarding the Melbourne Pollinator Corridor (MPC), a project started and developed by Emma Cutting. Emma is the founder of The Heart Gardening Project (THGP). Emmas work was featured on Gardening Australia with Costa personally interviewing her while walking around South Melbourne looking at the work that Emma and her volunteers have implemented so far. The benefits of including it at Park Towers needed to be explored.
Emma Cuttings suggestion is that indigenous gardens be planted involving the residents in the Towers Park reserve was embraced by the residents along with a community engagement day.
Its more than just planting a garden. It will encourage involvement of the Towers community and the local South Melbourne communities in a project of benefit to all South Melbourne residents. Emma spoke passionately about involving the local school children and the benefits to the mental health of the community involvement.
What is evident is that it combines benefits to the environment and benefits to the local community. It is very exciting!